TFBC: The Bubble Boy

Last year I went out on a few dates with George. I don’t think he really wanted to hurt me. … More

TFBC: The Honey Pot

I met *Hugh on Bumble. He got stung, and I stayed Queen Bee. No, not in a Beyoncé way. I mean … More

TFBC: The Colleague

Girls just want to have fun. When I worked at Vintage Cellars, that’s basically all I did. The most fun … More

TFBC: The Homewrecker

This is the story of *Ben. For Valentine’s Day last year, we exchanged some super cute gifts. I got extensive … More

TFBC: The Skinhead

I love to meet & greet people from all walks of life. Unless their greeting features a Nazi salute. Racist … More

TFBC: The Multitasker

At the end of 2016, I dated Old Greg. He tried to play digital Love Games with me. Unfortunately for … More

TFBC: The Unfair Go

For a Labor supporter, *Neil sure wanted “Jobs & Growth” in the bedroom. He didn’t get my vote. A few … More