That’s Insane.

We’re all crazy. Some people are just better at hiding it. I wish we wouldn’t. It’s here again. The fatigue … More

TFBC: The Multitasker

At the end of 2016, I dated Old Greg. He tried to play digital Love Games with me. Unfortunately for … More

TFBC: The Unfair Go

For a Labor supporter, *Neil sure wanted “Jobs & Growth” in the bedroom. He didn’t get my vote. A few … More

TFBC: The Re-Run

A rose by any other name… For a period in my early dating days, I went through a bit of … More

TFBC: The Bad Trip

One grungy summer night I met my first real fuckboy, *John. He was a trip, I tell you. I’m just … More

TFBC: The CanTeen-age Dream

Cancer – the sexiest of aphrodisiacs, no? Ok so, during high-school I was heavily involved with the charity CanTeen. I … More